Wednesday, November 28, 2007

matias aguilar

Untitled, from the I Love Rock and Roll series. 2005.
by Matias Aguilar on view as part of the Do You Think I'm Disco exhibit at Longwood Art Gallery, Hostos Community College. Feb 2006.

he's an amazing artist...he captures beautiful, soulful, sometimes humorous moments, mostly of city life...check some of the them out here and here and here and on his blog. i'll be posting links to his photos whenever i get updates, too...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


interesting article in the nytimes about the roden crater, a grand work-in-progress by james turrell. work sent me to phoenix/scottsdale last month, and i managed to squeeze in an afternoon at SMOCA. i loved the harold e. edgerton photography exhibit (seeing the unseen) and was, to my surprise, intrigued and amused by hiraki sawa's videos (like going places sitting down). but turrell's skyspace was definitely a highlight...

a cool and warm, dreamy, mod and peaceful space.

if you'll be in scottsdale, it will be a worthwhile stop.

more photos skyspace and smoca here...