Saturday, May 31, 2008

LA: obsessions (part 1)

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when i travel--whether it's for a couple of weeks or a few days, for work or pleasure--i tend come happily home with a few obsessions.

my recent stay in LA yielded:

1) watermelon juice.

our company put us up at
the standard hotel, on sunset (roll eyes, insert guffaw here). i know what you're thinking. whose idea was that? i have no comment, except to say, not mine. though, i never did object. in the end, the curiosity didn't kill me, it just left me perplexed.

is there a scene there? i have serious doubts. whatever was happening there, or hoped to happen there, i wanted no part of, unless it was happening, or hoping to happen, in the kitchen.

our work schedule basically resulted in our eating our way up and down and around
the 24/7 restaurant menu. overall, the offerings were pretty strong.

i loved the greek yogurt (i'd never liked or understood greek yogurt) with berries and granola, the grilled shrimp salad, as well as an altogether different and not so healthy shrimp salad with a dill-y dressing on toast; the fries, the beet salad with goat cheese and mache, the pancakes (with 7-up in the batter) , the sorbets (coconut, green apple and apricot flavors were bright, happy endings to my meals)..."the standard benedict" (poached eggs on roast beef with a horseradish sauce) was fine too , except for the ill-advised decision to serve it on baguette slices. (that's just wrong. you shouldn't have to work so hard to cut your breakfast into bite-sized pieces.) the coffee was nice and brave, and served in a white ceramic cup of perfect size and heft.

but the thing i left there obsessed with? freshly -squeezed
watermelon juice. it has a wonderful matte sweetness. it doesn't offer the bold, sugar shock of a cranberry/cranapple juice, nor does it have the burst of sweet sunshine that you get in the best freshly squeezed orange juice. it's not cloying like mango juice, or flat like carrot. it's a watery puree, a touch sweet, and just a little bit grassy--there's a bit o' white rind in there.

it's different... it will probably take you a few seconds to decide if you really like it. i decided i did. i love the color too. i wish i could carry that color with me wherever i go.

2) indie radio.

i love the radio, but i don't love the radio in ny. i can't actually get it in my apartment. but i hear enough of it in the car. i love singing along to lite hits and occasional classic rock anthems or r & b classics and disco (oh, the disco!), and i've definitely gone through stages when top 40 didn't completely offend me (i am quite susceptible pop music. i like "hooks"). and those of you who know me, know that i am far from EDGY. but good god, even i know this town could do with a little local indie radio. and nothing you have to "tinker with the knob" (i have an old clock radio) to find. something prominently on the dial.

so i don't have much to judge "
indie 103.1" against, but my mornings and evenings were spent with santogold, mgmt, death cab, spoon, a healthy dose of depeche mode, the cure, and early U2. AND we all celebrated morrissey's birthday (may 22, people!!!). all that, and surf reports to boot! fun times!! why must they end?!

actually they don't have to....listen live

jessica smith

i met jessica at the photo shoot-she's one of our models! she's got amazing energy, and she exudes a true sweetness. we became fast friends. i can't wait for the photos we took of her to hit the newsstands and for the video to be posted on the website. you'll see how lovely she is, and you'll admire her perfect form.

if you're lucky enough to live in southern california and are an equinox member (or if you're planning to visit), i highly recommend taking her

the lovely miss jessica invited me to take her cardio sculpt class. and all i can say is: ass-kicking! as in, it's a fun workout that kicks ass, but she/it also kicked my ass (i struggled to keep up and i was sore for 3 days). but it felt great. if i could only get her to move back to ny, this old ass o' mine would be kickin.

but she is the instructor/star of the
abs diet for women DVD, which i own, and that will do, for now...

more la obsessions to follow...soon...