Sunday, August 31, 2008

no more funny business!

rafa puts an ice bag on his head in the heat during his match against viktor troicki of serbia at the us open tennis tournament on august 30, 2008, nyc. photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images via

day 8 of the us open will be day 1 of live tennis for me. and i am not messing around.

i spent the day waiting for them to post the order of play (cheers! nadal plays querrey at around 1pm!), catching up on some of the better us open reports in the ny times (favorite line: Tipsarevic, who appears as if he could be the love child of Salma Hayek and Sam Waterston, is a voracious reader who regularly quotes the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky...) and napping (because tomorrow is going to be good, long day).

i also had a little 3-way going here at the apt: i had the tv broadcast (on cbs and usa), usopen radio, AND live scoring on going simultaneously for a good part of the afternoon.

this may seem like overkill, but tv tennis commentary for this grand slam being what it is, desperate times call for serious plan-bs and -cs. i couldn't bear tracy austin as a player (the pinafores, the bounce-bounce-bouncing on her tippy-toes, the nervous hand-blowing) and i'm even less enamored of her as a commentator. her voice is as tense as she used to appear on court, and she is far more defensive in the booth. between her, and mary carillo (channeling ann curry--why does everything have to be oh-so dramatic? ) and the joyless jim courier, i had no choice but to hit the mute button on the tv, and tune into the radio broadcast on the site. (way back in june, when i was trying to protect myself from martina navratilova's endless, ruinous monotone wimbledon commentary, i figured out that i could, thanks to dvr, properly sync radio wimbledon with the live tv broadcast. and that allowed me to enjoy andrew cotter, and virginia wade's poetic style (“ivanovic is this beautiful statuesque figure of a player, but she is being beaten below the knees…that net is taunting her today…it spared her against dechy") and the refreshing, uninhibited enthusiasm of andrew castle, and john lloyd, and others. there was one line, so insightful and apt, i'll never forget it: "nadal is very much like the tide, isn't he, he just keeps coming at you." i will have to find my notes to see who came up with that one...)

and yet, even as i was happy to have the us open radio broadcast available, it still didn't solve the matter of all the compelling matches that weren't being covered, on tv OR on the radio. explain how we were made to suffer through yet another listless lindsay davenport match on friday night, when robredo was playing safin, and moya was playing tsonga? and today, no robredo v. tsonga? and those are just the matches i took special interest in. there were many other hard fought, top-flight tennis battles for avid tennis fans. thankfully, those of us who wanted a little more could indulge in more ways than one.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


untitled (me) by matias aguilar.

i've been inconsistent with posts, but i don't want any more time to pass before i call attention to a couple of very cool sites:

zovig's callastyle site: you can find out more about her, and her image consulting business. there's also a link to her truly fashion -"inspired" blog -- she'll have you contemplating style, and help you confidently embrace your own.

matias' photography site: humor and melancholy. evocative stillness. vintage and modern. gritty. reflective. those words come to my mind when i see his photos. take a look, take some time. see if you agree. perhaps you'll have more, better words to describe them.
in the end, i hope you'll enjoy them as much as i do.
visit his blog to see who's influencing and inspiring him.

he took these photos of me a few years ago, in what will forever be one of my favorite places--my old studio on jane street. he captured a couple of "moods," which i very much appreciate.

untitled (me). by matias aguilar.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


photo by al tielemans/si, via

photo by al tielemans/si, via

photo by bob rosato/si, via

complete si ladies individual all-around competition photo gallery here...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

nastia, girl!

photo: vladimir rys/bongarts, via getty images and the

i've managed to miss a lot of the olympics--between seeing "the dark knight", hearing accordion bands, going to hip-hop birthday parties...and work...and being sick (and under dr's orders to go to to bed early)--and despite near 24/7 coverage on a zillion nbc channels.

but i am definitely carving a few hours over the next handful of days to watch nastia liukin and the other female gymnasts, for the women's team final (tonight), the individual all-around competition on thursday night, and the individual events on sunday-tuesday (aug 17-19).

i'm not going to make any predictions--and here's an obvious observation: shawn johnson seemed impervious to the pressure and nerves that affected everyone else during the qualifying--but i'm going to be rooting hard for nastia liukin. before an ankle injury in '06, that required surgery and kept her out for basically all of 2007, she was women's gymnastics. there are a lot of powerful gymnasts in the world and they all perform tricks that defy our vision of what the body can (and should?) do, but none have her exquisite lines. (photos below taken at the 2008 olympic trials, via liukin's website.)

liukin will compete in the individual all-around, and the event finals for beam, floor, and bars, so you'll have many chances to see for yourself. here's the schedule....