Wednesday, March 31, 2010

AMO the ARG: cabaña, round 2 (day 5, parte 4)

z and i decided to hit the town for our one and only saturday night in BA. destination: puerto madero. she got dolled up. i threw on some heels. it was a balmy, beautiful night.

the only thing missing? everyone else.
where the heck do they all go on the weekends?
not that i really cared. ghost town, BA meant we didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes for a table at cabaña las lilas.


this is where the real action is:

the folks at cabaña really outdid themselves--they greeted us as friends and were even more generous than before (free champagne cocktails! free sides!). the american girl sitting at the next table was seeing green (we know--she was a loud-talker).

i didn't want to have the same exact dinner
i'd had before. so instead of the rib-eye, i (innocently) ordered the steak of the house.

i thought it would be a dainty little filet.
we all had a good laugh when they set this down. but...did they doubt me?

done. and done (almost).

for my encore: hojaldre las lilas con crema y dulce de leche, their version of a "napoleon," which has pastry cream and dulce de leche.
the contrasts here really work: thick, sweet cream set off by crunchy, airy pastry.

they gave us the bonus cookie tray (to go with the coffees, i imagine).

ha! i look spent. but...i won...
(z and i both did. it was, once again, totalmente perfecto.)

mil gracias a cabaña...

all photos © anita aguilar

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

pretty city: ba, recoleta and palermo

on avenida pueyrredon

on avenida vicente lopez/junin

on avenida vicente lopez/junin

at a cafe, across from la recoleta

in the park, la recoleta

the courtyard, in front of the basilica

under the trees at the feria plaza francia

take 2. under the canopy, near the trees where the boys were playing in the feria plaza francia

at the feria plaza francia

at the feria plaza francia

at the feria plaza francia

real hippie hair, at the feria plaza francia

and a guy on stilts. where else but the feria plaza francia...


on avenida presidente figueroa alcorta

on avenida presidente figueroa alcorta

avenida del libertador

at the plaza del lector...

all photos ©anita aguilar

AMO the ARG: the sacred side (recoleta, day 5, parte 4)

peeking out from behind the tree...the basilica nuestra senora del pilar...

the courtyard in front of the basilica and the cemetery...

love the clouds...

inside the basilica

and...the main attraction inside the cemetery...the duarte family plot...stark, modern marble...
there was queue for this, so i only had time for a few shots. it isn't to my taste,
but a must-see/must-snap.

all photos ©anita aguilar

AMO the ARG: going to the market, going to the fair (recoleta, day 5- parte 3)

the feria plaza francia--aka, feria hippy--occurs every saturday and sunday, from 9am-7pm...this is like the markets that pop up in ny during the holidays in bryant park and union square, only much much bigger, and with more places to repose/recover.

made of recycled subway passes...(very BK)

handcarved mate jars and cheese plates

cute espadrilles! though i'll never buy this kind of shoe again.

i don't know about popcorn and candy apples. but it's eye-catching.

i picked up a couple of batches of these adorable pencils/crayons

daniel carballo makes these by hand using all natural products.

this is inio

he makes these cute wind-toys. if i had a yard with a tree...

love saying "panchos super pancho"

mmmm freshly roasted nuts...very tempting

but i opted for gelato...

and lazed around for the rest of the afternoon...

all photos ©anita aguilar