Tuesday, September 28, 2010

storm king, part 10: i've never been to england

but what has lasted in my imagination, at least since last winter, are david hockney's dreamy renditions of the yorkshire landscape, which you can see here.

these "new york trees" are my dream of england.

Monday, September 27, 2010

and in the night...

puddles, park chairs.
bryant park, nyc. sept 27, 2010

splashes, color

today was a dreary, wet one.

but there were a few brights spots, at the market:

all photos © anita aguilar

morandi (let's move)

latte. photo © anita aguilar
more photos, etc. here

i want to move.

i want to move to morandi.

yes, morandi, the restaurant.

it’s a perfect plan—pretty west village spot, right there on waverly and 7th avenue south. (i used to live a few blocks away, i know it will be easy to fall back into a routine...reunite with the dry cleaners on 8th, the guys at the magazine store on hudson. i could start running again, by the water…)

if I lived at morandi, when the weather is nice, i could start the day with breakfast at 8--or ease into the brunch hour-- at a table outside.

i could have a skim latte and something simple—a selection from the basket of sweet breads. everything in it has a distinct and delicious ring, and indeed there are enough for each day of the week: brioche with chocolate and hazelnuts to make the monday less mopey; cherry spirals on tuesday; a simple cornetti, midweek; sweet pistachio bread on thursday; the panetti al forno-–a bit more savory, with prosciutto and raisins--for the friday morning after the night before; bombolini –little italian donuts!--as the precursor to a more luxurious weekend brunch; and, ricotta fritters to celebrate the 7th day.

is it working for you?

there are eggs, served with salt cod or skirt steak or more simply, with grilled tomatoes and country bread.

there’s salad: arugula or escarole, seafood, or spelt.

a more serious commitment can be made--meatballs with pine nuts and raisins, or an egg pasta with a classic meat sauce. (i’m not sure i could make that my first meal of the day—but i wouldn’t dream of messing with you, if you could. in fact, you could wind up being...my hero.)

but that is how a day could start at morandi.
imagine where we could go from there?

sounds like a nice little life, ay?

ok, then.

let’s move.

Monday, September 20, 2010

sukkah city 2010

sukkah city was an invitation to reimagine the sukkah – a temporary structure created for use for one week during the jewish festival of sukkot, as a symbol of the transience of life and dependence on god, and to foster a reconnection with nature. the international competition received 600 entries from 43 countries; a jury of 14 designers selected 12 works as finalists. those pieces lived temporarily, appropriately, in union square for 2 days, on september 19-20. a "people's choice" winner will remain in the square through october 2.

from an architectural standpoint, this presented an interesting design challenge, both conceptually and formally, with its strict parameters regarding size (it must enclose a minimum square area of at least 7 x 7 square handbreadths), dimension (at least 3 walls, but the third doesn’t have to be complete; if it has only 2 complete walls “the third wall of at least 4 handbreadths" must be within at least 3 handbreadths of one the complete walls), materials (no bundles of straw for the roof, though individual sticks may be okay. the roof may also not be made of utensils or food). questions of orthodoxy apparently factored into the voting--at least for the people's choice competition-- just as heavily as the innovative design elements.

as public art it seemed to serve its function: to inspire engagement, calm, thoughtfulness, curiosity, crowds, education...and photography.

here are a few shots from monday afternoon:


time/timeless by peter sagar (uk)...

single thread...matter practice, brooklyn
an amazing 2000 lb spool of wire, woven around temporary bamboo "scaffolding" ...

a "single line" that meanders...

log...kyle may and scott abrahams
an 18-foot cedar log, as the sukkah "roof"

laminated glass offer a view of "the heavens"
(and each other)

repetition meets difference...matthias karch (berlin, germany)

blo puff...bittertang, brooklyn

sukkah of the signs...ronald rael and virginia san fratello (oakland, ca)

gathering...dale suttle, so sugita, and ginna nguyen (ny, ny)

all photos © anita aguilar

(almost) everyone loves a parade

i don't love a parade. the noise, the over-crowding, the potential for mayhem... i think it's nice that people can muster such verve for them. i just want to be left out of it.

but my neighborhood, on
sundays in the summertime, lies directly in the path of a number of national pride parades--which means several midtown streets that intersect madison and fifth avenues are closed, even to pedestrian traffic. it's annoying to be forced 6 blocks and 2 avenues out of your way when you're really only block away from home. you learn to avoid that part of town all together.

on some occasions, like yesterday, my block serves as the staging area. luckily, i live in a rear-facing apartment--shut the windows, shut out the street noise.

but once you leave the building, you get a load of this:

i sort of love this guy, hangin out on the float in his ecko tee. i think his party started the night before.

see the corn cob sideburns?

normally, this kind of scene makes me want to run-lola-run. but something about the mexican day parade--the energy of the music and dance and the people, the wild costumes--kept me around for a while. i even started to like it a little...

the kids were my favorite subjects--they were utterly bewildered. what's going on? am i having fun? do i have to dance?
with a little encouragement, they followed along.

eventually they smiled, even for me.

actually, i received a lot of smiles that day, mostly shy, all warm.

hope you like the photos.


even the pineapples were dolled up

and: even tough guys like self-portraits

there was definitely a strong trend toward mixing the jerseys with the traditional costumes. though, these guys were straight up dodgers and cowboys.

i waited for this smile. worth it.

love her face

it really does get to be a bit much...this might be my favorite shot.

all photos © anita aguilar