Sunday, October 31, 2010

a horse, of course

w 38th street, nyc.
oct 30, 2010.

all photos © anita aguilar

happy halloween

masquerading as a young person, i caught those darling local natives at webster hall on friday night--late, because of work, and later because of security at the hall, which is tighter than jfk's, which wasn't exactly comforting.

i was waaaay in the back for these.

what i heard of the band was
amazing, i will look forward to seeing them next time they come 'round. hopefully it won't be at webster hall, because i'll





my favorite shot. dreamy "sun hands."

Saturday, October 30, 2010

market seen: m quan

michele quan was one of my favorite models.

michele quan, 1987 © Deborah Feingold/Corbis

and then she pursued a career as a jewelry maker (i may always wish i'd invested in a particular 18k gold ring with a cascade of yellow sapphires that she, as part of me and ro, made.)

now independent of that collaboration, she is an artist (in a broader sense). her work has a spirit that i like very much. not sure there's much more to explain, except that it gives me a lift.

so you can imagine how excited i was to see her at the union square market on my way to work.

she still has the coolest hair....
photos of michele quan at union square @ anita aguilar

pretty city: a stern look

east 17th street/broadway.
oct 29, 2010
photo © anita aguilar

market seen: only in new york

Friday, October 29, 2010

after the party

last night on my way home from dinner at the new french...
flowers every where, the vestiges of an anniversary bash at grand central station

42nd street/vanderbilt, oct 28, 2010
all photos © anita aguilar

Thursday, October 28, 2010

buon giorno e...

che il buono libro!

on the downtown 4/5. oct 27, 2010

i'm not one for taking secret cell phone shots of my fellow commuters. it feels a tad too sneaky? but this morning was an exception--i love this lady. it's not every day you see a new yorker indulging in a book about a football player.

on the downtown 4/5. oct 27, 2010

here's the kicker--it's not a juicy, unauthorized, tell-all or a young memoir.
le nuove barzellette su totti is a francesco totti joke book. (she has the second volume of three; proceeds from the books go to unicef.)


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

tennis' year end issue: the pin up edition

it would be nice to work at an office where this cover would spark a lively little conversation about why it's a perfect shot (and it's not because nadal is sin camisa). i guarantee if i hang this up in my cube, no one will want to talk about his humble qualities. probably not even his second wimbledon, his first us open, or his new serve.

maybe, because i work with a lot of artistic folks, we could have a chat about clive brunskill's photography and the editors'/art director's wisdom in selecting that shot?

but more likely they will taunt me for his hotness and project all sorts of raunchy inclinations. and i can protest that i prefer his smile to all his other physical attributes, no one will believe it. that conversation can be amusing sometimes, but more often, it ends with me feeling weird about the whole thing.

i might still put it up. perhaps there are tennis fans lurking on my floor. or maybe i can convert a few....


the print issue arrived last week--i always let out an audible cheer as i pull it out from under the pile of "other" mail. i scanned the TOC and saw that maximum favorite writer had a couple of articles in the issue. (more cheering.) i waited until the weekend for the actual reading--last week was one of juggling (and sometimes struggling through) new projects. my head was just too full of other stuff for me to really savor the writing and the reading. it would have been like going to le bernandin with a head cold. a nice experience, but you'd miss the fullness of it.

the piece that i really, really love, "the old heave ho" was originally a blog post from this summer. i have never thrown my racquet (chris evert was my idol, so the most i ever did was slap my thigh a few times, purse my lips, and give a purposeful blink, followed by the far-off squint) and i wasn't a fan of pros (or "regulars") who had tantrums, but i've had a few off-court, off-the-handle moments. i think even non-tennis players could relate to this one.

and what would i think about a guy at local court or at a club (if i belonged to one) throwing his racquet? after reading this, i just might give him my best, most empathetic smile.

anyway..while "the old heave ho" reappears in the nov/dec, he's given it a fall/winter makeover.

which one is better? i won't tell.

read the original post here, and buy the mag (with the bonus cover-age).

then we can talk.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

pretty city: wedding day

i'm not big on weddings or wedding photography, but this was a sort of delightful encounter.

i walked alongside this couple for a block or two. they seemed a little unnerved by all the attention and the strangers like me who snapped unofficial wedding portraits. but if you decide to have your photos taken on fifth avenue near rockefeller center on a saturday afternoon, you're kind of asking for it.

in any case, when the real cameras went up, they put on their best, happy faces.

i wish you could see this bride's blue wedges. very cool.

i've not seen this move before--"the claw."
the photographer held his hand up for a while and made like he was squeezing one of those foam stress balls.
absurd, but he got them to laugh.
the shadow of the trees makes the photo work, for me.

and then he got them to make a heart with their arms.
if i ever get married, i hope i won't be so out of my mind that i'll agree to play simon sez with the photographer.
it's cute on these two, though.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

so you think you can dance?! (part 2)

confession: i have watched and enjoyed dancing with the stars--the first two seasons, then the one with apolo anton ohno, and a scatter of episodes in-between and since. and even though they are unquestionably scraping the D-list celebrity barrel these days, i still contend that the premise of the show is compelling: take a celebrity who's never been schooled in ballroom dance, give them a professional partner, require that they learn 1-2 choreographed numbers inside of a week, and be ready to perform. LIVE. on tv. and then be judged. could you do that? i know i would love the rehearsals, but my hands are sweating right now, thinking about the live bit.

so when "
so you think you can dance?!" started a season or two later, i really wasn't interested. seemed to me if they were already trained dancers, what would be the point? i had no interested in another talent showcase/reality show where there would be trumped-up, behind-the-scenes back-biting. a dancing divas show? no thanks. but that was an early misjudgment on my part. SYTYCD?! could have gone in that direction, but the producers have instead crafted a show where the drama is in the challenge to the dancers-- are all talented, yes, but with different levels of training. each has a specialty--tap, ballet, contemporary, hip-hop--but each is required to show mastery of all of them, with the panel of judges assessing technique and performance, and the fans voting for their "favorite" every week.

the competition requirements are tweaked every season, but they consistently recruit some of the best choreographers, across disciplines. they try to broaden the audience's appreciation with cultural experiments, like "bollywood" and tahitian dance (to mixed result. but still, a good effort). from one short season to the next, the pool of dancers that they select from improves, and the demands are more intense--this season, they were challenged to learn anywhere from 4-6 dances each week, as part of a pair, with different partners, plus group numbers. and dancers had to be prepared to offer a choreographed solo, in case they were among the "bottom 3" in the standings for the week. whew. given the number of injuries in the past 2 seasons, they might need to ease up on them a bit.

to be a fan of the show is a 3-hour a week commitment, and i'm not always capable of that. but as i have said before, i rely on my sister's exquisite opinion to guide me toward who to watch (and when). it's amazing stuff.

my sister, my aunt and i caught the 2010 touring group's performance in newark last sunday night. not surprisingly, it was even better to see them up close, their speed and lift and loft--jesus, it's a good thing these dancers are young. i had my g10 with me. it was not easy to get stills, but i was just as interested in testing the video capabilities. these clips burn hot in some areas, and our seats were off to the side so you don't get the full gist. but, enjoy...(you will hear that the audience sure did)

ms courtney wasn't by any stretch the best dancer from season 4, but she was the favorite dancer.
as my sister noted, she's really improved...
i'm not gonna lie. i love it when she pounces on poor little kent...

love jose, love dominic. still not sure about the sword bit, but love everything else they do here.
you can hear me oohing during this one...

lauren and billy performing what i think this was the most adorable dance of the season. (choreographed by mandy moore.)

i don't love this song. at all. but the girls behind me did. i wish you could hear them singing along because that was sort of hilarious.
liked the number a lot, choreographed by the dynamic duo napoleon & tabitha dumo ("nappytabs" !) and performed by adéchiké and lauren.

i don't much like this song either--"fix you." but this is a really intricate contemporary piece, choreographed by former sytycd competitor, travis wall. watch how it picks up at the :38 mark. i "wow"ed out loud when i saw this one on tv.

ok, there's a lot of laughing this one and i swear we didn't mean it in a bad way. part of it is the costumes...
this number so cute because disco is so hard--the pace is unrelenting and unlike the disco dancing that most of us have tried in our lives, this choreography is so tight and precise.
and the girls have to do it in those heels...
i know this looks like vegas cheese, but knowing the challenge of it makes me appreciate it very much.

and this one is for my sister...


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

good karma: work and play

the fundraiser/silent auction hosted by good karma nyc at the theater bar in tribeca...

social media central (left to right): zovig of callastyle, amy of m-dashing, and kimmy of

time to play...

all photos © anita aguilar