Sunday, February 27, 2011

academy awards: a touch of (real) glamour

before and during the ceremonies...

shirley maclaine during rehearsals for the 1959 show...she'd been nominated for her work in some came running
...with janet leigh
kirk douglas and burt lancaster practicing their performance of "it's great not to be nominated" for the 30th awards ceremony...

see the full gallery of leonard mccombe's behind the scenes photos at
audrey hepburn, with grace kelly back stage in 1956...
sophia loren with husband carlo ponti in 1962. photo by lawrence schiller.
natalie wood with warren beatty in 1962...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

extra virgin: the first time

i was still living in the west village when extra virgin opened, but never made it there before packing up and away to the LES and murray hill, and it simply fell off my radar until this weekend when my friend zovig suggested it for brunch. i welcomed her idea in part because i was just so happy that it still lived there. the notion of a basque scramble (pepperonata, creamy polenta, salsa verde, avocado puree, and...chorizo), a smoked salmon and potato tart, or roasted artichoke proven├žal, cinched the deal.

we were lucky, at 12:30 to snag a window table for two, a high counter, right about the heater (set to HIGH) to warm our toes. the whole scene, overlooking west 4th street and its parade of strollers (with strollers?) was a nice comfort, a way to soothe the readjustment back to WINTER, after a sunny, tease of spring the day before.

(it was also a good opportunity to quick test the 100mm...lots of natural light...)

i opted for the roasted artichoke...
this is maybe a bit too close to appreciate the dish, but i love that you can see the grain of the cheese and the delicacy of the poached egg white...

i love the graceful neck of the artichoke. and the contralto to this heavenly chorus: nice smoky bites of pancetta.

there was one thing missing for me: a few slices of hearty peasant bread to soak up the medley of yolk and cheese bits and dressing (presumably made of extra virgin olive oil). shouldn’t good bread be compuslory at an establishment that purports to offer choice olive oils?

maybe the olive oil was so dipping delicious the night before that there was none left over?

(maybe i get lucky next time.)

i think i'm in love (spoon me)

sorry for the eddie money reference, but i'm testing the canon 100mm 2.8 macro lens this weekend.

i think it's a keeper.

spoons and a spill, not high art. but i love the effect here.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

fashion week 2011: faces

i love shooting faces, perhaps most of all...

robin hood girl...
i love her real "no makeup" look

love this one. she was taking a lot of photos, herself...

simone signoret? sort of? i love her brows

is it bad that i like the smoke here?

this one, just stunning.

fashion week 2011: movement

i love catching people on the move, especially when they are wearing cuts that are accentuated by a good long stride or fabrics that take to the wind...

i love this girl.
i was a few blocks from the venue, i don't know if i caught her shadow or what, but i could feel her hovering around, more than a foot taller than me...and i pulled out my camera so i could be ready when she walked past me, in her amazing Robin Hood.

and i love love love long flowy skirts. this girl has it right (IMO)...

she does too.

love this on her. not for everyone...

oh, my favorite jeans of the day.

if this is her "day" look, what will "night" be?

fashion week 2011: stills

all photos © anita aguilar