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Friday, November 23, 2012

jazz and colors: the jazz at lincoln center all-stars

@ the jazz and colors festival
cherry hill/central park
nov 10, 2012

all photos © anita aguilar

jazz and colors: the yes! trio

...aaron goldberg, omer avital, and ali jackson

(bonus star sighting: bill cunningham, in his famous blue smock and bike)

@ jazz and colors, central park
nov 10, 2012
all photos © anita aguilar

Sunday, November 6, 2011

pretty city 2011: the dash to the finish line

snapshots from a very spirited pre-marathon 5k, "the dash to the finish" in central park

my friend, steph!

ryan hall - love the 5 boro gloves and the official ing marathon cap

all photos taken on nov 5, 2011
© anita aguilar

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sunday, April 26, 2009

hot child in the city

i do look forward to the few times of the year when i can sport something of a savage tan, but i've only ever been interested in acquiring a tan in the course of pursuing some kind of activity: tennis, the very least, i'd have to be at the beach, with the prospect of running or flopping around in the water. but lounging outside on a towel, just to get a bit of color seemed boring. and it seemed somehow sad to have to do it on the roof or on a fire escape or in a city park. but i must be getting old and lazy, because when my friend andy suggested whiling away an afternoon in central park on this the first of surely many scorching ny sundays, i didn't have to think twice about it. and i didn't even think twice about stripping down to my bikini. it was too hot for much modesty, too hot for much just beyond lying there, with lots of water. and cherry popsicles.

all that doing nothing in the sunshine really did wonders for our appetite though. after winding our way all through the west side of the park, we hit up the new uptown outpost of fatty crab, and feasted on fatty sliders (mini pork and beef burgers, served on soft square rolls, with luscious sambal aioli--maybe my favorite dish on their menu), green mango salad, fatty duck, the near- perfect mess known as the chili crab, coconut rice, and...the fatty dog...

our table was quite a scene, especially when we were done.

this new restaurant is a smart extension and a good fit for the neighborhood: it doesn't sport the elbow-to-elbow, knee-to-knee intimacy and down home charm (and the lighting is less amorous), but the trade-off is great service, and a shorter wait for a table (more tables!). the tweaks to the menu (no quail egg shooters! and a curry sauce for the chili crab, rather than luscious, piquant tamarind sauce) might be a minor disappointment for the downtown regulars who fiend for those particular delights, but it at least ensures the original location won't be forgotten.

our meal was a nice, if super-indulgent coda, elevating an afternoon of simple pleasure to a summer holiday.

i love "hot child in the city" but had forgotten it was sung by nick gilder. or maybe i never really knew that. he doesn't do much to sell this song, but it's catchy anyway...

if you check out the wikipedia link, you'll see a connection to john mcenroe's wife, patty smyth...

(hint, hint: "bang, bang")